For Reading Hindi / Devanagari Script

MS Windows XP
We now use Unicode fonts for Devanagari script on many websites that we have created for  Bharatvani Hindi Radio and TV, My Hindi Teacher, Online Hindi Teacher, Intelligent India Enterprises and other companies. Windows 2000 and all later versions (such as Windows XP) now support Devanagari and other Indic scripts. If you can't see भारतवाणीword here in Devanagari (or see only square boxes), you must  make sure to "Enable Complex Indic Scripts" on your computer and install at least one Unicode Devanagari font. Most Windows XP computers these days come with Microsoft's Mangal Unicode font. If you don't have it please click here to download and install it now in Windows Fonts folder. To "Enable Complex Indic Scripts" --

>> Go to Control Panel of your computer
>> Select Date, Time, Language and Regional Options
>> From Pick a task - double click on "Add other languages"


>> Under " Supplemental language support", check the box to " install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)" as shown below:

>> Click OK to to close the following info window ...

Note: You may have to insert your Windows XP installation CD in the CD ROM Drive


MS Windows 2000
To read Devanagari, you need to Enable Indic Support as described below:

>> Go to Control Panel in your computer
>> Double Click on Regional Options
>> In General Tab, language settings for the system, check the Indic box and click OK
>> You may have to insert the Windows 2000 CD in the CD ROM Drive
>> After all the required files are copied, you may need to restart the computer




Bharatvani Hindi Typing Tutorial comes with several Unicode fonts and Keyboard Layout programs which will practically transform your  regular computer into a powerful Hindi computing system by pressing only Alt-Shift keys.  You can also toggle between English and Hindi languages on the same page by pressing "Caps Lock" key. Our truly phonetic keyboard will let you  type in the Roman alphabets like "mera nam ram hE" to see the Hindi text like "मेरा नाम राम है" instantly. No need to remember complex Inscript Keyboard layout  or move text from one program to another. It works seamlessly in all new editions of Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook Email, including Windows Messenger, etc.). 

To install Bharatvani's Unicode compatible keyboard support:

>> Double Click on Bharatvani Windows Keyboard Installer that came with your purchase copy of Bharatvani Typing Tutor package and follow the installation messages. This will install Bharatvani's proprietary (transliteration) keyboard driver on your computer

>> Go to Control Panel of your computer
>> Select Date, Time, Language and Regional Options
>> On Regional Language Options, click on Details
>> Click on "Add" on Text and Input Languages pop-up screen

>> First Click on "Input language" drop-down menu and select "Hindi"

>> Then Click on "Keyboard layout / IME" drop-down menu  and Choose Bharati5 Custom keyboard from the list.
(Note: Do not select the Default Hindi Traditional or Inscript Keyboard!)


After you press OK, the Text Services and Input Languages screen will look like this -

>> Lastly you should set up the "Preferences" and short-cut "Key Settings" to easily toggle between Hindi and English keyboards.

Following the above steps you may also set up Inscript and other Bharatvani Keyboard layouts and Bharatvani Unicode compatible fancy fonts supplied with Bharatvani Typing Tutorial package.

Input Languages in the Language Bar will appear as EN for English, SA for Sanskrit, and HI for Hindi. You should be able to choose the appropriate Input Language in the tray panel at the lower right corner of your monitor. You can also press Alt-Shift to switch between languages.